Tylar Witt

Tylar Witt on Trial for Murdering Her Mother

Tylar Witt is on trial for killing her mother Joanne Witt. The jury found the 19-year-old woman guilty of first-degree murder. Tylar’s lawyer Dain Weiner said his client played no role in her mother’s death. But a family friend says Tylar is smart and a hard-working person.

Tylar Witt and Steven Colver met at a coffee shop, and Steven started influencing Tylar. Tylar’s mother, Joanne Witt, let Steven move into Tylar’s room after the two convinced her mother to let him live with her. Joanne Witt thought the two were just friends and told skeptical friends that Steven would help Tylar with her homework and pay the mortgage. After Steven moved in, Joanne became suspicious and awoke to discover her daughter naked in her closet.

Joanne Witt had a book on her nightstand that contained advice on how to handle an out-of-control teen. This book made Tylar angry and caused her to leave the house twice. Joanne Witt’s friends testified that Tylar abused her and made threats against her.

Tylar Witt was fourteen when she called Colver to kill her mom. Her mother, Joanne Witt, was found dead three days after Witt told Colver to kill her. Tylar Witt also tried to kill herself with rat poison before she was arrested. She will serve 15 years to life in prison.

Tylar and Steven had plotted the murder of Joanne Witt after Joanne threatened to press statutory rape charges against Steven. After Joanne’s death, Tylar and Steven fled to San Francisco where they rented a room at the Holiday Inn. They planned to commit suicide there.

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