Turkish Food Myrtle Beach

Turkish Food in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Those who enjoy Turkish cuisine will love the diverse menu options offered in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. From Borek to Kavurma and Yufka, there is a meal to suit every palate. In addition to meat, Turkish cuisine includes a wide range of vegetarian dishes.


Borek Turkish food in Myrtle Beach serves traditional Turkish fare in a cozy, simple eatery. Kebabs are one of the specialties here. A simple and unpretentious atmosphere makes it a perfect stop for lunch or dinner. Whether you’re on a budget or are simply looking for something a little different, the kebabs at Borek will surely satisfy your taste buds.

Borek comes in a variety of shapes. Some are layered, while others are unrolled and served in cigars. Cigar boregi are often served as an appetizer. They’re filled with feta cheese and herbs. You’ll also find arm borek, which is spiraled and easier to slice. Borek are also available in a variety of fillings, including meat, spinach, or cheese.

Borek is a delicious Turkish food dish that can be paired with Turkish drinks or wine. The delicate yufka dough can be made with different ingredients, such as potato, onion, or feta cheese. Borek is usually served as an appetizer, and Turkish cay is typically served with it.

Borek is an excellent choice when dining out in Myrtle Beach. Its delicate texture and flavor will impress your taste buds and keep you coming back for more.


When visiting a Turkish restaurant, you should look for a wide selection of different dishes. These dishes can range from salads and appetizers to a full-blown meal. Many of the dishes are vegetarian and can be prepared without meat. Usually, the vegetable dishes include a variety of different vegetables seasoned with olive oil.

Traditionally, Turkish cuisine was vegetarian, but the introduction of industrial production brought meat back into the diet. While veal was once shunned, it is now widely consumed. Meat is used in combination with vegetables, but it is not a main ingredient. For example, kiymali fasulye is made with beans, spinach, and ground meat. The dish is usually served with yogurt.

One of the staples of Turkish cuisine is the pide. This bread is filled with minced meat and onions. It is usually served plain, but you can also find versions made with butter, garlic, and sucuk. Another traditional Turkish dish is the acma, a soft bagel similar to a simit. It is covered with a thin glaze and served as a breakfast dish. Another staple of Turkish cuisine is the simit, a flat bread that is made from wheat flour.

Turkish cuisine varies throughout the country. In the Anatolia and Istanbul regions, the cooking has inherited elements of Ottoman court cuisine. These include moderate amounts of spices, the preference for rice over bulgur, and the use of vegetables. Besides the fish, you can also find kebabs and dough-based desserts.


If you’re looking for authentic Turkish food on your vacation to Myrtle Beach, North Carolina, you can find many options in the area. The traditional Turkish cuisine is rooted in simple, fresh cooking. While the traditional cuisine of Turkey was largely based on fish, there are also plenty of vegetarian options in the area. In addition to meat, lamb, and seafood, you can also enjoy mezes, or small dishes, that are made from vegetables and topped with minced meat.

If you’re interested in trying Turkish food, you can start by ordering a menemen, or a fried egg with green peppers and onions. There are also several desserts that will appeal to your sweet tooth. For breakfast, you can try cevizli kadayif and acibadem, two types of home-made cookies. During the winter, you can also try sahlep, which is a spiced extract made from the roots of wild orchids. Other popular winter drinks include kaymak and lemonade. Lemonade is an especially popular beverage in Turkey, and is served with baklava or other sweets.

If you’re looking for some Turkey food in Myrtle Beach, you might want to try the Turkish cuisine at Myrtle Beach’s Hangout. The restaurant serves the best Thanksgiving meal on the Grand Strand, and if you want to try something different this year, you can enjoy it with friends and family. The restaurant is open for reservations and doesn’t charge a cover charge, and the food is great for a family holiday.


If you want to try some authentic Turkish cuisine, you should try yufka. This delicious dish is made of layered dough with a filling inside. It is brushed with an egg wash and served with melted butter. Another popular appetizer in Turkish restaurants is sigara borek, which is a kind of Turkish cheese borek that is rolled and deep-fried.

Yufka is a traditional Turkish flatbread made of whole wheat flour. It has a soft and flaky texture, and it is made without leavening agents. It is a common accompaniment to savory dishes, and the thin layers of the dough lend a crispy, tasty taste.

Borak can be filled with a variety of fillings. The pastry can be made in a spiral fashion, or layered. In both cases, the dough is made in layers, with the latter style taking less time. Among the most popular fillings are lamb mince, ground beef, and spinach.


If you are looking for a unique meal in Myrtle Beach, you should try Turkish food. Turkish cuisine consists of small dishes known as meze. These can be served with drinks or as the main course. The dishes are generally seasoned with lemon and olive oil, and include ingredients such as eggplant and tomatoes. Some are also served cold.

Many Turkish dishes feature yogurt, an important element of the cuisine. The word “yogurt” actually originates from Turkish and is a popular accompaniment to most meat and vegetable dishes. You can also enjoy manti, a specialty dish made of yogurt. A typical meal starts with a soup, followed by a meat and vegetable dish. Other ingredients may include Turkish pilav, bulgurpilav, and salad. You can even try cacik, a type of diluted cold yogurt.

If you are looking for Turkish food in Myrtle Beach, you can choose between many different types of Turkish restaurants. Many of them are located a short distance from the beach. Some of these restaurants even have more than one location along the coast. You will definitely find a place that offers great food at a reasonable price.

If you want to try authentic Turkish cuisine, you should try the menemen. It is a popular breakfast dish and is made from yufka, a type of dough that is made of thin layers. You can also try the stuffed version, which has minced meat in it. Another popular dish is called pilaki, which is a fried fish with vegetables. The intestines of sheep are also eaten with spices.


The word kashkaval is from the Latin caseus and caballus and refers to the cheese. This cheese is made by hanging two gourd-shaped balls together with a single rope and hanging them from a wooden pole. The name of the cheese probably comes from the region where it originates.

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