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Tupac Shakur x Fila Grant Hill 2 Low Sneakers

Two iconic American musicians, Tupac Shakur and Fila, have teamed up to create a special edition line of footwear. Inspired by the artist’s music and unique style, the new collection features original re-creations of iconic items from Fila’s archive. The collection includes logo-laden T-shirts, camouflage jackets, shorts and tracksuits with paisley accents, symbolic of Tupac Shakur’s bandanas.

The Tupac x FILA Grant Hill 2 Low is one of the most notable pieces in the collection. The sneaker comes in two colors: the original red, white, and navy colorway featured in the 1996 album insert and the brown/white version. Both colorways feature paisley accents on the sock-liner, which represents Tupac’s love for bandanas. The shoe also features an insignia placed under the FILA Grant Hill 2 logo, and the artist’s name is inscribed on the heel in a gothic style font. The shoe’s box is adorned with similar design touches.

Though Tupac was shot and murdered, he was still a celebrity, and had the latest gear before anyone else. In fact, his body double appeared in music videos. Then, tragedy struck: he was shot four times in a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas. He died six days later. The shooting has sparked countless conspiracy theories.

There is no proof that Tupac wore Nike sneakers during the recording of his music video. However, there is evidence that he wore Penny Hardaway sneakers in the music video “Toss It Up” (1996). However, this video was released in November 1996, which is after the shooting. As a matter of fact, many believe that Tupac and his killer discussed faking their own deaths in Maui shortly before his death.

Although the rapper died 22 years ago, nobody has been charged with his murder. Until now, his killer, Orlando Tive “Baby Lane” Anderson, has never been charged with the crime. The murder of Tupac is considered a felony and no one is willing to admit guilt. But he did make it a point to keep the secret. In his honor, twoPac sneakers have become an icon of hip hop culture. They feature mesh fabric uppers, lace-up closures and high-quality EVA soles.

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