Trippy Acrylic Nails

Trippy Acrylic Nails

Trippy acrylic nails are among the hottest trends in nail art right now, and they’re perfect for any occasion. They come in an endless number of designs and patterns, and you can get them on any nail type or skin tone. A professional nail artist can apply this art to your nails, and the designs tend to last anywhere from two weeks to a month.

If you’re a drama-loving gal, a bolder and more colorful design is right up your alley. Some trippy nail designs incorporate a nude base, marshmallows, smileys, and a matte topcoat. Or, you can go with one of the many marbleized designs. These involve a marble effect in the middle of the nail, with an empty space around it. You can also go with multiple colors to create a design that will turn heads.

Creating a trippy nail design is easy. Choose a design that features three or four different colors and an optical illusion. This design may seem complex, but it can be achieved. If you have a talented nail artist, you can choose one of the many designs that feature flowers or faces. Whether you want to wear your nails in an unconventional way or go with something more classical, there’s a design for you!

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