Tripp Van Der Bilt

Gossip Girl Characters – Tripp Van Der Bilt

Tripp van der Bilt is a recurring character on the hit show Gossip Girl. He is portrayed by Aaron Tveit and is the elder first cousin of Nate Archibald. He is also the grandfather of Tripp. Tripp and Nate are rivals in the political world, and their rivalry is portrayed through their interactions.

Tripp is a lawyer who has an interest in social issues. He has a complicated history. He owes his social standing to the political connections that he has forged during his career. In the past, he was a member of the Democratic Party and was willing to do anything to maintain the status of his party. But he had an affair and he contacted Maureen to protect his political career. During this time, Serena’s relationship with Tripp has become shaky. However, she accepts his offer to be his mistress. However, Tripp is unable to stop his affair with Serena, and the two crash into each other on the way to New York.

The show has a lot in store for Tripp Vanderbilt in November. In the upcoming season, the character will announce his intention to run for office. This will force Nate to get involved in his campaign, which will involve getting involved with the campaign. Holley Fain will also reprise her role as Tripp’s fiancee.

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