Tri State Storm Watch

Tri State Storm Watch

A storm system is moving from the Tennessee Valley up the mid-Atlantic coast, exiting around Ocean City, MD Wednesday night. This storm system will produce a period of accumulating snow, which will be light and puffy at first. This snow will become heavier and wetter in the evening and end around 3am Thursday morning. The snowfall totals for the tri state area will range from three to five inches, with areas of three inches or more likely. After the storm passes, temperatures will be close to normal.

The storm’s strongest winds are expected to affect southeastern New England, where gusts of up to 60 mph are possible. The threat of tree damage and power outages could be widespread. Inland areas of New Jersey and New York will likely see three to six inches of snow. The weather service is advising residents to stay away from the roads and avoid unnecessary travel until the storm has passed.

A severe thunderstorm watch is issued when severe weather is expected in a certain area. These watches typically cover multiple counties and states. A severe weather warning, on the other hand, indicates the threat of life or property from severe weather. It is issued when a weather agency confirms that radar or spotters have detected severe weather. The area covered by a warning is a much smaller area than a watch.

If the storm continues to track westward, snowfall amounts will vary considerably along its western fringe, including the Jersey shore, eastern Pennsylvania, the Delmarva Peninsula, and the western suburbs of Washington, D.C. The storm’s forecast will likely change in future updates, with varying amounts of moderate to heavy snowfall.

The worst flooding will be associated with the six consecutive high tides on Sunday night around 11 pm and Monday morning around 11:30 am. This is likely to exacerbate coastal flooding and cause a large amount of coastal erosion. In coastal southern New Jersey, there is a chance of major flooding, with coastal waters becoming more flooded than normal.

The tri-state region is expected to receive several inches of snow and coastal flooding. As a precautionary measure, Governor Murphy has urged residents to stay indoors and avoid the roads. He also advised people to work remotely or from home in case of extreme weather conditions. The coastal flooding advisory is in effect for most of New Jersey and Long Island. High tides could raise up to a half-foot of water above the ground. The southern shore of Long Island could also experience snow.

Storms will impact the tri-state area throughout this afternoon and evening. Storms will become more numerous by the afternoon and evening, and some of them could be severe and produce torrential rains that overwhelm drainage systems. The storm system will approach Santa Claus around 155 PM CDT, so residents should plan accordingly.

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