Trey Burchfield

Who is Trey Burchfield?

The name Trey Burke is a combination of two words that will make you wonder who he is. The first word is “athlete,” which may be an oblique reference to the sports. He’s a competitive athlete who plays basketball. His parents are Misty and Shaun Burchfield. However, he has not revealed anything about his personal life. He hasn’t been married.

The second word you may want to know about Trey Burchfield is “champion.” This is because he’s the world’s corn hole champion! However, you may not know this, but he’s just 18 years old. He is pursuing a college degree, as well as playing professionally in the ACL league. Despite his success, he has kept a low profile and hasn’t mentioned much about his parents.

In addition to his football skills, Trey Burchfield is an excellent student. He aims to play for the NFL some day. His academic performance is outstanding, and he is also a good role model for other young athletes. While his net worth is not known yet, it is expected to reach $1 million by 2022. In terms of height, Trey Burchfield stands at 5 feet 1 inches, which is good for someone his age. He was born on August 8, 2003 in San Antonio, Texas. He was a happy and active child and was always interested in sports.

As a child, Trey Burton was already playing football. He enjoyed the sport and played it into his teens. In high school, he became a star of the team. He was also recruited by several colleges. As a result, he decided to play football at the University of Texas at Austin.

Another favorite pastime of Trey Burchfield is cornhole. He is the top player in the world and has created his own signature line of cornhole bags. His game is focused on offense and combines roll shots and cut shots with clever maneuvers around opponents’ bags. His coolness under pressure has led to his nickname “The Robot.”

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