Trevor Noah Shirtless

Trevor Noah Goes Shirtless in Miami Beach

Trevor Noah was recently spotted shirtless in Miami Beach. He was spotted with nightlife entrepreneur David Grutman and model Isabela Rangel. The Daily Show with Trevor Noah airs Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 11 pm ET on Comedy Central. Noah is 35 years old.

The Daily Show is a popular news show that follows the day’s top headlines. Often featuring a celebrity, the show satirizes the world’s most relevant news stories. In the recent episode, Donald Trump was subpoenaed by the “January 6 Committee.” Michael Kosta, who plays the character of Donald Trump, suffers through a thankless job, sits down with Trevor Noah and discusses a series of controversial topics.

After Noah was hired to host the Daily Show, he quickly began accumulating a large amount of exposure on hidden video channels. YouTube’s Uproxx discovered the videos of Noah, which were not previously visible on the site. He has since expanded his network by creating other shows.

While billboards and bus signs are traditional methods of promotion for a new television show, the new Daily Show host was first introduced by sneaking secret videos onto YouTube. When people Google Noah, Comedy Central’s ads will pop up in the search results. It’s not clear how they got these videos.

Besides the shirtless appearances, Noah has been featured in other projects, including the drama From Darkness on BBC. He’s also been spotted in many movies. The upcoming film The Hunger Games features the actor in a shirtless role. However, he is still under the cloud of controversy.

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