Trent And Allie Net Worth

Trent and Allie Net Worth

Trent and Allie started out their careers as traditional job holders before they decided to start vlogging. Today, they are worth around $735,000, and their YouTube channel has more than 50 million views. They make money from YouTube subscriptions, affiliate income, and their website. Trent and Allie earn about $240 a day.

Trent and Allie net worth is estimated to be around $1.8 to $5 thousand per month. These earnings are believed to be further boosted by merchandising and sponsored ads. The two sisters also have a website where fans can learn about new products. Trent & Allie has a large following and their YouTube channel generates a good deal of revenue.

Trent and Allie met through a dating app in December 2016. They both worked in the health care industry. They spent their weekends traveling and snowboarding. Both were bored with their everyday lives. Ultimately, the couple decided to quit their jobs and live their dream. This move did not come without its drawbacks, though. Their van was broken into once, forcing them to leave the safety of their homes.

Allie was born in Washington, DC, and went on to earn a degree in Business administration. She then worked for a healthcare quality improvement organization. She also had an interest in nature and was very outdoorsy. In 2016, she met her husband through a dating app called Bumble. In 2017, they created their YouTube channel.

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