Treasure And Bond

Treasure & Bond Launches in New York City

Treasure & Bond, a new store part of the Nordstrom Group, launched yesterday in New York City. The brand is known for its charitable efforts and will donate a portion of its net sales to local charities every quarter. This new concept is a way for the company to connect with and understand New Yorkers.

Treasure & Bond will be smaller than the typical department store. It will be less than one-tenth the size of a typical Nordstrom. The new department store will be located in SoHo. The store will sell more edgy, sexier clothing and accessories. But before we go into the specifics, let’s look at the stores.

Treasure & Bond is a Nordstrom exclusive brand that provides trendy clothing and unique accessories. It is one of the few clothing brands that give back with every purchase. The brand recently made 2017 their most successful year. Besides clothing, the brand also introduced a home collection and donated 2.5 percent of its net sales to a non-profit partner. The new home line will include textiles, tabletop items, and more.

Nordstrom’s Treasure & Bond line includes modern pillows, accessories, and other great pieces. The line supports five charities and donates a portion of its net sales to them. The products range in price from $45 to $199. They are available at Nordstrom and online. The brand also has a giveback program that donates a portion of its net sales to kids in need.

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