Travis Vanderzanden Net Worth

Travis VanderZanden Net Worth

Travis VanderZanden is a well-known American businessman and founder of Bird, a company that specializes in e-scooters that can be used for short trips. He has been in the startup industry for many years, working at Yammer, Qualcomm, and as the Chief Revenue Officer of Lyft. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, he went on to receive his Master of Business Administration from the USC Marshall School of Business.

Before founding Bird, he was the co-founder of on-demand car wash service Cherry. In 2013, Cherry was acquired by Lyft, and VanderZanden became the company’s Chief Operating Officer. Although he left the company, he has since returned as the CEO.

Despite his recent success as an entrepreneur, VanderZanden has faced some criticism for his behavior within the company. According to Bloomberg, he sold tens of millions of dollars of stock at a time when the company was relatively young. At the time, VanderZanden had a stake of 13% of the company.

The company’s stock has been under pressure recently, dropping in value from a high of almost $2 billion in spring 2021 to a low of around 90 million in late 2018. During this period, the value of VanderZanden’s stake was estimated to be just under $12 million. That’s down from an estimate of over $600 million in mid-2018, and his total net worth may be lower now than it was then.

When Bird first launched in Santa Monica, the scooters were available to customers without a permit. This caused the company to lose a significant amount of money. It was later discovered that the scooters were being released into cities without permission. Ultimately, the federal government seized the property in 2020. As a result, VanderZanden resold the property for $9 million.

However, Bird is a venture that VanderZanden has invested a considerable amount of money into. According to a report from Buzzfeed, he paid $25 million for a Santa Monica property in 2014. A large mansion in Bel Air, the home is reportedly owned by Trevor Noah. It’s been on the market again, and is reportedly on the market again.

Originally, VanderZanden bought the Florida starter home in a gated community in Coral Gables for about $21.8 million. It was nine bedrooms and a private dock. Unfortunately, in 2016, the property was purchased by a Panamanian shell company linked to a drug trafficker. While the property is not the largest, it is an extravagant house in a very exclusive neighborhood.

Following his departure from Lyft, VanderZanden joined Uber. He served as the company’s COO for two years. His duties included overseeing international growth, as well as acting as the VP of International Growth. But before he became the company’s Chief Executive Officer, VanderZanden had been accused of breaking a confidentiality agreement. Despite the allegations, he has denied them.

VanderZanden has also earned a considerable amount of money from Yeezy sneakers. According to reports, he made $3 million from the sale of Yeezy sneakers, and another $5 million from the sale of the shoe label. On top of that, he has been a speaker at TechCrunch Disrupt SF, a tech event held in San Francisco.

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