ITS Water Group LLC

A group of companies specializing in the production and trading of chemicals, engineering, construction of water supply systems, logistics, and transportation of hazardous cargoes merged more than 30 years ago to form ITS Water Group LLC.

The ITS Water Group LLC is dedicated to constant development and improvement. That includes the introduction of modern technologies and advancements, refinement of existing practices, quality control at every stage of production or construction, and full compliance with current industry standards. The company strives to maintain its commitment to excellence in all the industries it serves.

Creation and trading of chemical reagents

One of the main areas of activity of ITS Water Group LLC is the production and sale of high-class chemical reagents, as well as effective products based on them:

  • organic coagulants and flocculants, based on iron and aluminum;
  • combined coagulants;
  • cleaners and disinfectants;
  • reagents for water treatment;
  • various additives to concrete;
  • specialized reagents for swimming pools;
  • goods for military and tourists;
  • industrial chemicals.

Construction, reconstruction, and commissioning of water supply facilities

Our company possesses all the necessary licenses and permits to carry out engineering and construction work on the territory of Ukraine. The implementation of each new project starts with a full technical inspection of existing systems.

ITS Water Group LLC implements projects using modern equipment for:

  • purification of drinking and industrial water;
  • wastewater treatment;
  • disinfection;
  • neutralization of odors;
  • sludge treatment;
  • automation systems.

After completing the necessary work, including personnel training, we carry out commissioning work, provide warranty service, and offer post-warranty support.

In addition, the ITS Water Group provides professional project management services that include calculating the time and monetary costs of the project implementation, as well as quality control at every stage.

Transportation of dangerous goods

The ITS Water Group LLC delivers hazardous goods throughout Ukraine and the European Union in strict accordance with international logistics standards and full compliance with the rules for handling dangerous substances.

Our employees receive thorough training to ensure that customers who choose ITS Water Group for delivery can expect quality, safety, and uninterrupted supply while meeting agreed-upon deadlines. Additionally, our specialists can resolve any issues that may arise during the transportation of precursors.

The company possesses all the necessary licenses to work with precursors and transportation. Our logisticians develop optimal cargo delivery schemes, based on client requirements. Each cargo is accompanied by:

  • customs and documentary support;
  • labeling/marking cargo by generally accepted standards;
  • insurance from reliable companies at the best rates.

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