Trailer For Rc Car

Buying a Trailer For an RC Car

RC car owners may need a trailer to transport their vehicle. This type of trailer is made to fit small RC crawlers and touring cars. It features a frame that measures 211 x 486mm and the largest part is 235 x 209mm. The trailer tray also includes a light holder and leaf spring system. The tray also has eight MR104 bearings and 8mm axle housing pipes.

Tray dimensions

Tray dimensions for a trailer for an RC car are important to know to make it fit the car. The smallest one is for a 1/10th scale car while the largest one is for a 1:18 scale crawler. The size of a 1/10th scale trailer tray is 211 x 486mm. It’s also cut to fit a Prusa MK2 bed. The trailer is made of carbon fiber and comes with a frame kit and rims.

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