Tracy Mondabough

The Lifetime Documentary “Sleeping With a Killer” Reveals the Details of Tracy Mondabough’s Murder

Tracy Mondabough was stabbed to death in her car. Her murder was witnessed by several eyewitnesses, but it took the police some time to identify a suspect. The Lifetime documentary “Sleeping With a Killer” follows the murder investigation and sheds light on the details of Tracy’s case.

Tracy was 46 years old and lived in Pella, Iowa. She was married to Nicholas Boat. They were raising four children, and had recently moved to a new home in Pella. Mondabough was a kindhearted and generous person. She worked as a laundry employee at a local hospital.

Investigators said Boat stalked Mondabough from her Burger King drive-through, to her work, and to her apartment complex. She was found stabbed to death in her car as she parked outside her apartment complex. She told police that she felt threatened by Boat. Witnesses described the car’s gray color, and officers who arrived at the scene found visible blood on the outside of the car.

The investigation into her murder has shifted focus to the identity of her killer. Despite her mother’s recollection, the killer has not been identified. However, her murder occurred before Nick Boat’s divorce. Her husband, Nicholas Boat, was estranged from his wife and had been dating another woman. It is unclear if she knew of the relationship between the two.

A few eyewitnesses reported that Boat stalked Tracy for more than an hour before killing her. She was wearing a seatbelt when stabbed to death. She also had supplies and a pair of rubber gloves on hand at the time of the murder. Police said that Boat was convinced Tracy Mondabough was the reason her husband had left her.

After her arrest, Michelle Boat confessed to the murder. She confessed to following Tracy Mondabough’s car for a while before killing her. She told Tracy to stop seeing her husband, but Tracy resisted and attacked her. Michelle then returned to the car and retrieved a knife and stabbed Tracy to death. She said she never intended to kill her lover, but it’s important to note that she was the one who killed her.

After the death of Tracy, a lot of people have been searching for Tracy Mondabough’s obituary on the Internet. Many people want to find out what caused her death. Fortunately, there is a simple way to find out the truth. If Tracy was in fact suffering from a heart attack, her husband Nick isn’t likely to be able to help.

The police went to Michelle’s house shortly after Tracy died. They found traces of blood on the exterior of her home, as well as blood on the seat belt of Michelle’s Cadillac. The police also found Michelle’s rubber gloves in an upper toilet tank with blood on them. The murder weapon, however, was never recovered.

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