Tracy And Timothy Ferriter

Tracy and Tim Ferriter Face Child Abuse Charges in Jupiter, Florida

Tracy Ferriter’s Facebook page has a deluge of angry comments. In December 2021, the police visited the Ferriter home. The police wanted Jack to build an office in the garage. Jack was surprised and thought it was a strange request.

The couple has been charged with child neglect and false imprisonment. They have been released on $50,000 bond. Their son was allegedly found in an 8 by 8 box in the garage. The couple has not entered a plea. A family member of the children has accused the police of botching the investigation.

The Ferriters lived in the Jupiter home for almost nine years. At one time, they advertised that there was a bonus room in the garage. However, when they sold the home to Anthony Tanona, the new owner had the bonus room removed. The room could only be locked from outside.

Child Protective Services removed three other children from the home after the Ferriters were arrested. The three children had been living in the home with the Ferriters for about eight months. After their arrest, the parents were ordered not to have any contact with the children while the case is ongoing.

During the investigation, police discovered an 8×8 structure in the garage. The mother described it as a small office. It had a deadbolt, doorknob, and light switch on the exterior. The structure also contained a camera, a mattress, and a bucket. Police said the building was used for storage and by all of the children.

The Ferriter family built a tiny room in the garage for their son. The garage door had a deadbolt so that it could be locked from outside. The room contained a box spring, a mattress, a gray sheet, and a gray pillow. It also contained a desk and a chair, as well as a camera. The room was outfitted with a Ring camera.

The family is accused of abusing the boy, who was only 13 years old at the time. The parents, who were both 46, are accused of aggravated child abuse. They confined their son to an 8×8 room in their garage for five years. The structure contained a deadbolt and a light switch on the outside. The parents were arrested for the crime.

Tim Ferriter was known to have a “profane temper.” It was reported that the father would slam his child against the wall with his neck. He also allegedly hit his son with a belt. The father also reportedly spit on his son’s face. Timothy Ferriter’s son was confined to the garage in a similar structure.

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