Tracie Wagaman Son

Tracie Wagaman – The Sister of Mark Wagaman

Tracie Wagaman, the sister of Mark Wagaman, was arrested several times in the past, most recently for driving while intoxicated in Texas in February 2020. She was married to Clint Brady, who later left her for Genevive Bailey. She found more than 100 text messages written by her ex-husband from different girls. When she died, her family and friends were devastated and were left with many questions.

Tracie Wagaman was 41 when she died. She had given birth to her second child just one week before she died. Her husband, Luke Loera, was in jail at the time of her death, but he was released on Saturday and shared a video on Instagram, publicly addressing Tracie’s death.

The couple did not reveal that Tracie was pregnant for a long time. She wanted to wait for Luke to return from jail. He had served time for fighting with a security guard at a casino. He was also arrested for possessing drug paraphernalia and driving without a license. She later remarried Matt Baier, who has a son with her.

The couple had a son, Issac, together. The couple divorced in March 2021. After the divorce, the child was born to Tracie and Clint. In the past, she dated Matt Baier, the former fiance of Amber Portwood. However, the two divorced due to irreconcilable differences.

While it is hard to believe, Tracie Wagaman’s death is tragic for her son and her family. Her death is believed to be a drug overdose. However, her boyfriend has serious doubts. Tracie’s life was filled with complicated situations. The final days of her life were her happiest.

Tracie Wagaman’s death came soon after she had given birth to her second child. She was 37 weeks pregnant when she underwent a c-section. She was reportedly exhausted and was eager to spend time with her baby. She was reportedly too exhausted to share much information with the world.

Tracie Wagaman was a well-known television personality and star of the reality show, ‘Love After Lockup’. She had been struggling with drug addiction for years. After her death, her brother launched a GoFundMe account to help pay for her funeral.

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