Toy Car Corvette

Toy Car Corvette

Toy car corvettes are available in many forms. There are Die-cast models, 1:34 scale, Autoart(tm) models, and even collectible versions. Many sports car fanatics have their favorite series or models. The Chevrolet Corvette is a classic and is a favorite among many.

1:34 scale

The 1:34 scale toy car Corvette is a die cast metal car that measures about 5 inches in length and two inches wide. Its doors open and close and features pull-back action. This car is made by Kinsmart and branded with the GM logo.

This die cast metal car comes in a variety of colors and features a movable hood, doors, and steering. The Corvette comes in red and is about two inches wide and 1.5 inches tall. It can be displayed in a child’s room and is a perfect addition to any sports car collection. Its resemblance to the real thing is remarkable, and is perfect for Corvette fans.

Die-cast model

A Corvette die-cast model is a miniature version of the famous collector car. The die-cast process is used to make the miniature car and it consists of molding plastic, glass, rubber, or metal to create the desired shape. The models are typically 12 inches long and feature realistic details, such as moving parts and working doors and steering wheels. Some companies offer the die-cast models as part of their miniature car collections.

A die-cast model of the Corvette is a great gift for a Chevrolet Corvette fan. You can find one of these models at your favorite retail store, or even online. These are designed as adult collectibles and contain small parts. Therefore, they are not recommended for children under three years old.


If you’re a Corvette fan, you’ll love these Autoart(tm) toys. These metal puzzles are suitable for both adults and children, and feature a sturdy inner coring made of Kevlar. Autoart(tm) toys are available at the ToyMart and eBay websites.

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