Topeka Pediatrics Urgent Care

Topeka Pediatrics – A Pediatric-Only Urgent Care Center

Topeka Pediatrics has opened a new pediatric-only urgent care center in Topeka. Kids don’t get sick or hurt on purpose, and they often need treatment immediately. This facility is a great resource for parents in Topeka, Kansas. Its staff are all board-certified pediatricians who have been providing excellent pediatric care in the Topeka area for years.

Topeka Pediatrics

Topeka Pediatrics is a pediatric-only urgent care center in Topeka, KS. The facility offers immediate treatment for children with urgent health issues, such as infections and injuries. Kids often do not plan to get sick or injured, so it is important that they get the treatment they need quickly.

Topeka Pediatrics is a Level 3 Patient-Centered Medical Home and is the only pediatric practice in Topeka, KS certified by the National Committee on Quality Assurance. Topeka Pediatrics’ Dr. Cain wanted an EHR that could support coordinated care, but avoid building silos of data. PCC’s reporting tools provide the practice with a consistent picture of its patient population.

Kids First Pediatric Urgent Care

In the Topeka area, a new pediatric-only urgent care center is available. Kids need urgent care services when they are hurt or sick and cannot wait for regular pediatric care. Unlike adults, children don’t plan to become ill or hurt. Instead, they get sick or hurt when it is not convenient.

Located at 6750 Southwest 29th Street, Topeka, Kansas, Kids First Pediatric Urgent Care is a walk-in clinic that provides health care services after normal business hours. Unlike primary care providers, urgent care centers provide extended hours and a variety of services that primary care providers may not be able to provide. Children can come in anytime from early morning to late at night.

PCC’s EHR system

Physicians Computer Company (PCC) provides an EHR system tailored for pediatric practices. With over 35 years of experience in the industry, PCC has developed tools that help pediatric practices streamline workflows and keep accurate patient records. Its software includes built-in billing and practice management features to reduce staff expenses and provide comprehensive care to every patient.

The PCC pediatric EHR system comes with a practice management dashboard, revenue cycle tools, and billing applications. It’s an all-in-one certified EHR suite that comes with advanced features, such as automated growth charts and progress note templates. CureMD is another option that offers an integrated practice management system and workflow-friendly product. PrognoCIS EHR, meanwhile, provides standard pediatric features, workflow enhancement, and pediatric content.

Cost of visits

Topeka Pediatrics is a new pediatric urgent care center in Topeka, Kansas. This urgent care center specializes in treating children with unexpected injuries or illness. Unlike other types of medical centers, Topeka Pediatrics focuses exclusively on pediatric patients. This is great news for parents who can no longer drive to a larger hospital for the emergency room.

This pediatric clinic is available to current PA patients only and is open during walk-in hours. However, you need to be aware that your child may need a regular appointment or an ER visit if his condition is severe. Weekend urgent care appointments are available by calling ahead. Be aware that these visits may have additional charges, such as a higher co-pay.

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