Toddler Goes On A $2k Walmart Shopping Spree

A mom in New Jersey discovered recently that her toddler had gone on a two-thousand-dollar shopping spree online. Madhu Kumar was searching for furniture for her new family home. She had added several options to her cart, but never actually made a purchase. She later wondered if her husband or older children had made any purchases. When she asked her son Ayaansh what he had bought, he said he had been playing with her phone.

Although it is impossible to predict the future, toddlers are becoming more tech-savvy. They have accidentally live-streamed their parents while they were in the shower, or locked Dad out from his iPad for 48+ years. The toddler in question did one more amazing feat: He accidentally clicked “place order” while accessing her full cart at Walmart’s website. During checkout, he completed a checkout for almost two thousand dollars’ worth of furniture.

After the first shipment arrived, the family realized that they had made a mistake. They are now waiting for more packages to arrive so they can decide which ones to keep and which ones to return. However, they have managed to find some humor in the situation. Instead of asking Ayaansh for a refund on most of his purchases they started to ask him “Oh! Did you order that?”

Despite their confusion, the family was relieved to learn that the store would accept the boxes that had not been opened after the incident. However, they are not yet ready to take back their debit card because they’re afraid their toddler might make more mistakes in the future. They have taken their debit card from their account. They are working with the retailer to help the family return the goods, but for now, they’ll have to make some tough choices.

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