The Waltons The Victims

The Waltons (Movie Review)

The Walton’s are struggling to stay afloat in rural Oregon. Their farm may be successful, but even that doesn’t suffice when John-Boy pushes himself too hard and becomes physically ill; other members of their family feel pressure from both work and family life responsibilities – until their community comes to their aid and comes together in solidarity to assist.

Episode 15 “The Homecoming”

A well-known stage actress named Alvira Drummond (Pippa Scott) finds refuge at the Walton family after her car breaks down, though beneath its prim and proper exterior lies an empty pocket and desperate need of cash. To assist Alvira, they organize a town performance to raise money for a train ticket back to New York.

Meanwhile, a Cherokee Indian man and his grandson stay with John-Boy’s family, believing there to be a sacred tribal burial ground below their barn. John-Boy soon takes an interest in one of their young black boys named Adis who requests instruction in writing but his family are wary due to concerns of violence or drug abuse from this individual.

In another story, Cindy’s family attempts to track down her birth mother. While searching through her father’s belongings she discovers evidence that suggests she was adopted; thus she embarks on a mission to locate them both; unfortunately this proves more challenging than expected.

Episode 19 The Letter

Olivia defies her doctor’s prognosis that she may never walk again and refuses to accept his prognosis. Meanwhile, when it is discovered that she is pregnant by an unmarried partner she must choose between his safety and her own wellbeing.

Episode 20 The Deed

Legal battles arise as Walton family cannot produce legal documentation of their property ownership and future prospects remain uncertain for both parents.

Episode 21 The Scholar As Verdie Grant’s daughter graduates college, she asks John-Boy to teach her to read and write. At first he refuses, but eventually Verdie convinces him to take up this responsibility.

Episode 22 The Bicycle

John-Boy’s attempt at meddling in a long distance romance backfires when the woman’s father learns she’s dating someone “townie.”

Episode 23 The Townie

John-Boy refuses to take his friendship with a neighbor’s spoiled rich girl any further, when she attempts to run off with Ted, until John-Boy intervenes and teaches her a valuable lesson.

As soon as a runaway girl arrives at their house, everyone notices. Unfortunately, many members of the Walton’s are suspicious when she begins making quilts to sell for fundraising; they believe she might be creating fake quilts to collect money for bus fare back home to Washington.

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