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Review of “The Good Boss”

The good old fashioned word of mouth is still alive and well in the heyday of Hollywood. A slew of actors have paved the way for the next generation to make a splash in the genre, from the late Anthony Hopkins to the likes of Richard Gere and Denzel Washington. While the slew of new faces entails an influx of fresh blood, it also means a fresh face on the corporate dashboard. This isn’t a bad thing, but the good boss may be a wee bit too keen on his newest hire’s performance.

Nevertheless, “The Good Boss” satisfies its quota of neophytes with an engaging array of effervescent characters to boot. And, while it is a hulking monolithic beast, the good boss isn’t afraid to make a few waves. Besides, a little free-for-all can only help to keep the ire out of the sex and the kids in check. Hence, “The Good Boss” is more akin to a family reunion than a corporate event. Luckily, director Fernando Leon de Aranoa has an eye for the aforementioned big wigs and is able to craft a few memorable scenes along the way. On a more positive note, “The Good Boss” is a worthy nominee for the coveted Best Picture Oscar. As you can probably guess, the name of the game is the prize. One might hope that a winning swagger might come accompanied by some hard to resist perks, but the good boss has other plans. Of course, the gimmicks of the previous triumvirate are only temporary. But, for the sake of paridise, it’s all a part of the experience. The aforementioned swagger isn’t the only high jinks that ensue.

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