The Gift Of Stitching Magazine

The Gift of Stitching Magazine

Stitch Magazine, celebrating the love of stitching. Every stitcher will appreciate this magazine that’s full of inspiration and creativity, featuring fashionista profiles, merchandise offerings, trend hints & tips and plenty of creative ideas. Subscribe today and begin stitching today!

As Christmas quickly approaches, now is an opportune time to consider gifts you haven’t made yet for friends and family members. When creating stitched gifts for others it is essential that you consider their tastes, hobbies and personality – this will ensure they appreciate it rather than discard it after opening!

Here is our selection of stitching magazines to help you select a thoughtful gift.

The World of Cross Stitching is an extensive worldwide production that dates back more than fifty years, featuring patterns such as Teddy bears, flowers and hearts that can be quite modern in appearance. Additionally, this magazine can focus on seasonally related designs which may become repetitive over time. If you prefer more traditional approaches then Stoney Creek might be worth exploring; their smaller seasonal designs come out much more quickly while their quality surpasses that of its US competitors; plus they also provide monthly deliveries which you can opt out from at any point!

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