Thaddeus Matthews Net Worth

Thaddeus Matthews Net Worth

Thaddeus Matthews is a controversial pastor who is currently battling a defamation suit against K. Michelle. He has also been accused of being a paedophile and has a radio show. But despite his controversies, Matthews is still a highly respected figure in the world of religion. And his net worth isn’t all bad.

He was a paedophile

In November, it was revealed that talk radio personality Thadeus Matthews was a papedophile. Matthews was acquitted of a harassment charge filed by Fred McWilliams, but still faces a five-year probation for exploitation of a minor. The charges stemmed from a photo that he posted on his Facebook page of an adult engaging in sexual activity with a child.

Matthews’ net worth is estimated to be between $50k and $100k U.S. dollars. However, he has not disclosed his income. According to the Tennessee Central Jurisdiction, Matthews is listed as a member of the Memphis Southeast District in Tennessee.

He has a radio show

Thaddeus Matthews is a talk radio host in Memphis, Tennessee. Last week, he had an African American Republican candidate for Congress, Charlotte Bergmann, on his show. He bashed her, calling her a “token negro” and refusing to shake her hand. He also questioned her affiliation with the Tea Party.

Matthews is now in trouble after violating an order of protection. He made graphic homophobic remarks on his show. He also falsely accused Davin Clemons, an openly gay candidate for city council. The woman filed a restraining order against Matthews, and he was arrested.

Matthews has a long history of legal problems. His record includes 14 felony convictions and 14 misdemeanors. He was arrested in January in connection with the Towanna Murphy allegations. The indictment is the latest in a long line of cases in which Matthews has failed to take responsibility. Other legal cases include a 2016 case before the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals and a 2017 private reprimand from the Tennessee Board of Professional Responsibility. In November, he also posted child pornography on Facebook.

He has a defamation suit against K. Michelle

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