Tender Care Daycare

Tender Care Daycare

Tender Care Daycare is located in Roosevelt Pennsylvania and offers curriculum-based learning for young kids. TenderCare’s teachers assist students in developing important social skills and reaching developmental milestones through play. The Pennsylvania Department of Education has certified the center and Keystone STARS rated it. It offers childcare for children ages six weeks to twelve years.

Tender Care will, as part of the settlement implement non-discriminatory practices, policies, and procedures. Tender Care will provide reasonable accommodations for children with disabilities. It will also post information on its non-discrimination policies and materials for parents of children living with disabilities on its website.

Young children’s nutrition is an important part of their development. It is also crucial for their cognitive and physical development. The P & J Tender Care daycare participates in the Child & Adult Food Program, which means that the children are provided with three meals throughout the day. Children are encouraged to try new foods but not forced to eat them. The Illinois Department of Public Health inspects the kitchens where food is prepared.

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