Team Umizoomi Car

Team Umizoomi Car

Team Umizoomi Car lets you control a car that makes car noises. Both cars have unique abilities, and their main purpose is to help their friends. The car uses vroom vocalizations that are similar to real cars. They also use marimba sounds that are very similar to a marimba.

The UmiCar is a futuristic-looking car. It comes with a glass door cover. The car has a face. However, the door is usually down during the first few episodes. It is powered by a 2.5-liter diesel engine and a one-speed continuously variable transmission.

Bot is a friendly robot who is part of Team Umizoomi. He has a goofy personality and is quite functional. He has a computer, ant farm, and has even been known to learn to tap dance. Bot is also the team’s “guardian.”

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