Taylor Swift Red Necklace

Taylor Swift’s “Red” Ring Is Part of Her Merchandise Collection

Taylor Swift is known for her “cryptic hint-dropping” style. She uses her merchandise to convey messages and announce new music. For example, in her promotional video for “Bejeweled,” she wears a Bulgari Serpenti necklace. The necklace features a 10-carat diamond surrounded by 71 rubies. It’s also available in 14-karat gold vermeil.

Taylor’s “Red” ring is available on her merchandise site for $45. This ring features CZ crystals, and is made of a copper alloy plated in silver. There are also earrings, bracelets, and necklaces for sale. All of the pieces are handmade in the USA. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the jewelry is not waterproof. To ensure your items are safe, never leave them in a pool or other water-filled area.

“Bejeweled” is the second single from her upcoming album, Midnights. In the video, Taylor takes a Cinderella-like transformation. She’s wearing a diamond ring, a Serpenti necklace, and a Quill Cuff by Shaun Leane. The video also features stacks of Neil Lane.

Fans will recognize the jewelry in the video from previous music videos. In the video for “Love Story,” Justin Gaston wore a shirt similar to the one Taylor is wearing in her “Bejeweled” video. The cardigan also makes an appearance in the video. Similarly, Taylor is pictured sitting on a bench outside, wearing a delicate gold necklace.

Another item to watch out for is the Swarovski Millenia necklace. The piece features a pendant of two people with top knots. It is also available in 14-karat gold vermeil for $170. The necklace comes in a Hello Goddess mirror gift box.

Other jewelry that fans can try out includes a “Capture It, Remember It” vault key necklace. It’s antiqued copper and contains lyrics to the album’s title track. Previously, Taylor Swift teamed up with designer Stella McCartney to create rings for her albums. These designs have recently been re-released with the Fearless version.

The singer has also paired up with designers like Jennifer Fisher Jewelry and Jenny Bird to design jewelry. Some of the pieces she’s worn include oversize Thread hoops, an 18K white gold and diamond shooting starburst earring, and an Edie Hoops necklace.

One item that’s especially popular with fans is her red scarf. If you don’t want to get your hands on the scarf, you can buy her signature lip color. Or, you can go ahead and purchase a sweater that resembles hers. Since she debuted her “Bejeweled” video, she’s become a popular fashion inspiration for a number of other red scarves.

Aside from her jewelry, Taylor Swift is always dropping new merch for her albums. Her latest release, Fearless, was re-released on April 18. Now, fans can also purchase the new version of her popular “Girl at Home,” which was originally featured on Red. While the original version was not her best work, this new version sounds mature and exciting.

And don’t forget to check out her Chai Tea Eggnog Cookies. They’re delicious!

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