Taylor Swift Crop Tops

Taylor Swift Wears Crop Tops and Skirts During Her Tour

If you’re a fan of Taylor Swift, you know she is an unrivalled fashion icon and the queen of crop tops. She’s been seen wearing crop tops in the past, and now she has taken it up a notch. During her tour, she has been seen wearing matching sets, including a crop top and skirt.

Taylor’s love of crop tops and matching sets has been well documented. In addition to the famous red skirt and crop top combo that she has worn onstage and in her everyday life, she has also been seen sporting a variety of other outfits with matching sets. Her most recent look consisted of a textured, layered, and colorful skirt and a floral print top. The combination was not only a show stopper, but it was also a pretty affordable one.

One of the more recent examples of matching set wear was from the Aqua line at Bloomingdale’s. This look was not only on trend, but it also looked like something Taylor might have worn in the ’80s. And the Aqua Rose Print Top and Skater Skirt is currently on sale!

Taylor Swift has been known to wear crop tops on stage, at award shows, and on award show red carpets. The reason why she has done so is because she has found a way to make the look fit her body. She has a teeny waist, which means that a crop top can be a perfect fit for her.

While many celebrities have worn the crop top and skirt ensemble, it’s actually not unusual for Taylor Swift to wear both. In fact, she has even worn both a matching crop top and skirt during her 1989 tour. For her opening look, she wore a black crop top and a high-waisted skirt. After the first song, she ripped off the bomber jacket.

A couple of months later, Taylor Swift wore a pink bustier with a green skirt. And in the summer of 2014, she sported a green skirt at the Teen Choice Awards. Now, she has been photographed in a pastel-pink crop top.

When it comes to personal styling, there’s no denying that Taylor Swift has an eye for detail. She has been known to combine different pieces in different ways, such as pairing an asymmetrical orange leather skirt with a white fur coat. Other times, she has opted for a more understated, neutral hued outfit. However, the best thing about her style is that she knows when to pair two different items, such as a crop top and skirt.

When it comes to styling, Taylor Swift has found a way to make her looks stand out without having to spend a fortune. Whether it’s a simple pair of pumps, a funky purse, or an extravagant tiara, she’s been known to incorporate accessories into her look. Almost always, she’s been seen with a red lip, and she’s almost never been seen without it.

In addition to her amazing street style, Taylor has been spotted in a number of award-winning music videos. Among them is her music video for “Look What You Made Me Do” which was released during the 2017 MTV VMAs.

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