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Air Force Academy Cadet Gets Date With Taylor Swift

Air Force Academy Cadet Brett Hagen has made every effort in his bid for a date with pop superstar Taylor Swift. The rising junior posted a YouTube music video asking Swift to come with him to their 2016 Ring Dance, writing all original lyrics while using an instrumental version of her hit “Shake It Off” as backing track. “Every pretty girl needs to go to a ball!” was what Hagen sang at the end of his plea video.

Similarly, an Air Force Academy Cadet made an incredible video to demonstrate his military prowess, featuring him rappelling down the side of USAFA Football Stadium and jumping out of an airplane to land safely in the sky. Near the end of this clip set to Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off,” there’s also someone breakdancing as part of an official promotion for Air Force’s football game against Army on Nov 1; which they expect them to win easily.

Shortly before Taylor Swift’s three-night residency at MetLife Stadium, its parking lot became a sea of sparkles and cowboy hats as fans arrived for her performances. Unfortunately, some fans who arrived without tickets were harassed by security guards; Swift then stopped her concert to speak out against this behavior and urge fans to keep their focus on driving instead of looking out for any “haters”. “All I ask tonight before you leave your car is this,” she suggested.

An image of this incident has gone viral, garnering millions of views on Twitter. “We were simply enjoying ourselves and celebrating her amazing performance,” according to a fan from Maryland who spoke to CBS News. “We did not intend to interfere in any way or cause any disruption during her performance.

Swift has long been breaking barriers for women and people of color. She has performed for presidents, royalty, and was the first female artist ever to perform the Super Bowl halftime show as an artist. Swift recently released her new album Eras and is touring to support it; in addition, her generosity extends to numerous charities she donates to as well as social justice causes she supports; plus creating music with an emotional impact has earned her Time magazine’s Most Influential Person designation.

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