Taylor Hickson Injury Motherland

Motherland Star Taylor Hickson Talks About Her Injury

Motherland captured audiences when it premiered in 2020 on Freeform. The supernatural drama depicted an alternate reality where witches weren’t burned at the stake centuries ago but instead made deals with military to use their powers for good, instead. It follows three conscripted witches; Abigail Bellweather (Ashley Nicole Williams), Tally Craven (Jessica Sutton), and Raelle Collar (Taylor Hickson). Their aim is to prevent genocide of witch genocide from their ancient enemy known as Camarilla; Motherland has received praise for its onscreen diversity of race, ethnicity, sexuality and gender portrayals.

As the show enters its third season, it promises to expand its horizons with several key storylines. One will focus on exploring the history of Camarilla and how their war against witches has been influenced by their lineage and ancestry; another pays tribute to Wiccan culture and women’s empowerment; finally this year the series will adopt more political overtones pertaining to its LBGTQ+ characters.

Taylor Hickson remains positive despite the darker tone of this new season of Motherland. Beginning her acting career at 16, Taylor has shown strong willpower and determination in coming back from her recent car accident injury. Although currently off filming due to injury-related rest and recovery timetables, fans can rest assured that she will receive all accommodations from the Motherland team and that they will help ensure a full recovery is provided for.

Hickson has quickly made her mark in the entertainment industry through her convincing performances on screen. Hickson has distinguished herself through playing multiple roles ranging from the sweet girl next door, an assassin in training and post-apocalyptic survivor. Hickson also shows great charity, supporting organizations such as International Justice Mission and Free the Children which aim to prevent children being sold into child slavery.

Hickson has seen her hard work and dedication pay off, amassing an impressive net worth estimated at approximately $1 Million. Hickson credits acting career with much of this wealth accumulation; in addition to acting, Hickson also loves music – singing folk songs at talent shows along with her father.

Although Hickson has yet to disclose her exact net worth, she reportedly possesses significant savings. With these earnings she can travel and purchase clothing items with marked brand names; additionally she owns small amounts of property and stocks as well as her current residence of Los Angeles worth approximately $1.4 Million and featuring five bedrooms and four bathrooms as well as high-end furniture and appliances in its luxurious interior design.

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