Tammy Allen Car Collection

Tammy Allen’s Car Collection Will Be the Focus of a Major Auction This Fall

American auto collector Tammy Allen has a wide range of luxury vehicles. She is the CEO of Allen Unique Autos and was previously a member of the Goodman Band. She has been a collector for over 30 years and has since opened her own museum featuring more than 80 unique automobiles. Although it is impossible to determine the exact value of Tammy Allen’s automobile collection, it will likely be worth at least one-million dollars over the next few years.

Tammy Allen’s life is almost like a storybook. Her father, who bought new cars every 2 years and polished them himself, was an influence on her. She has fond memories of taking road trips across the American heartland with her father. Her car collection is a part of her own automotive legend.

Allen plans to start her own rental company for vintage automobiles, and promote vintage auto collecting as a lifestyle. Her passion for vintage automobiles has made her a favorite of car authorities. Allen’s passion for collecting has made her a star, but she is still building a name as a respected collector at Barrett-Jackson’s saleroom. Her passion for her collection earned her a few shows on Speed Channel including a documentary about her life and a new show, “My Classic Car.”

The museum can also host special events and can be rented for private parties. Events can be booked at varying rates depending on how many people are attending and the size of the event. The museum offers full bar service, television screens, tables, and other amenities. The museum will be open during winter from 11 a.m. until 5 p.m. Most weekends, the hours may vary.

Tammy Allen’s father was a successful businessman, and she followed in his footsteps. She is an American citizen of White ethnicity and a Christian. She enjoys customizing her cars. Her father inspired her to become a car collector. They were both successful, and her passion for the hobby has only grown.

Tammy Allen’s car collection is unique and will be the focus of a major auction this fall. More than 80 vintage vehicles will be featured in the auction, including some from Tammy Allen’s car collection. During this auction, more than 80 of the vehicles will be offered at No Reserve. Hundreds of fans are already expected to attend the sale.

Allen Unique Autos is located in Grand Junction, Colorado. It houses a large collection vintage cars and trucks. The museum’s owner also operates a limousine service and an events centre. Landon, her son who died from leukemia in 2013, has passed on her passion for automobiles. She plans to close the museum in late 2015.

Tammy Allen’s net worth is estimated to be in the $5 million to $10 million range. While her collection is renowned for its vintage Vipers, she has not yet revealed any details about her life and her relationship with her husband. The details about her relationship with her husband are not available on the internet. It is not known how much she plans on selling her collection.

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