Tai Sui Amulet 2022

Tai Sui Amulet 2022

The Tai Sui Amulet 2022 is an effective way to invoke good fortune blessings and support from the Grand Duke in the coming year.

The Grand Duke Jupiter, also known as the Tai Sui in Chinese astrology, rules Earth for 60 years on a 60 year cycle. He always sits within the sector of the animal sign he rules and for 2022 resides in Northeast3.

In 2022, those who face northeast for work or live in homes facing this direction are encouraged to carry a Tai Sui amulet for protection throughout the year. It is especially essential for those born under Tiger, Snake, Monkey or Boar horoscope signs as these animal signs are in conflict with Tai Sui this year and must carry his amulet to avoid Direct or Side conflicts with the Grand Duke.

By placing a Tai Sui Plaque 2022 in the Northeast sector of your home during this year, you are likely to reap many blessings and support from the Grand Duke. However, remember that Tai Sui changes every 60 years; thus, do not use Plaques from past years as they cannot be reused and must be replaced once this period of time has elapsed.

It is recommended to hang this amulet on your front door during the year of the Tiger to attract good fortune energies and receive blessings from the Grand Duke. Alternatively, place it on your kitchen table or any other prominent location in your house where Tai Sui energy is strongest.

Create a mini shrine to the Tai Sui and place this amulet atop it. Doing so will draw in both its chi energy, along with that of each zodiac animal sign for the year and his benefactor Yin Chi.

Another effective way to appease the Tai Sui is by offering him a paper with your name and date of birth on it, which should then be offered in a temple. In return, he will bless you with his kind Yin Chi energy and abundant good fortune.

Chinese culture holds that people can only be blessed with good fortune through the presence of the Tai Sui in their life. Therefore, it’s essential to avoid confronting the Tai Sui in order to prevent any conflicts or misunderstandings between you and him.

Those who cannot do this should always carry a Tai Sui amulet with them at all times. This amulet will shield you from the fury of the Grand Duke and guarantee that your good fortune never suffers due to him.

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