Swimply Net Worth Today

Swimply Net Worth Today – How Much is Bunim Laskin Worth?

Swimply was founded by 20-year-old Bunim Laskin, who is now worth $30 million. The App has 125 active markets in the US alone. This has led to an influx of new customers and a rise in Swimply’s net worth today. It is a popular app that helps people with their finances.

Bunim Laskin founded Swimply at 20

When Laskin was twenty years old, he decided to try his hand at running a tech company. Born in Israel, Laskin moved to the U.S. at age fifteen. He decided to pursue his idea when he was home for the summer. His family lives in New Jersey, and he said he felt pent up in his parents’ house. He also noted that things were different back home.

After graduating from yeshiva, Laskin returned to the States, and after dropping out, decided to pursue his entrepreneurial dream. He started a company called Swimply, a combination of the words “swimming” and “simply.” The company first started in the New York tri-state area, but soon expanded into other regions, including Dallas and Houston. As of 2018, it has grown to include a wide demographic, from businessmen renting pools during lunch hours to college students looking for study breaks.

Company is worth $30 million

Swimply is a new way to rent your swimming pool, which is generating significant revenue. It has been around for two years and has a network of over 10,000 pools in cities around the world. The company has no marketing budget or local team, but it has grown exponentially. The company estimates that hosts can earn over $160,000 a year renting their pool. Today, Swimply has a $30 million valuation.

The company was founded by Bunim Laskin, who left college to focus on his new business. The internet has made it easier to rent outdoor pools and other recreational facilities. Swimply has now expanded to Australia, and Laskin plans to appear on Shark Tank on March 13, 2020.

Laskin has a net worth of $10 million

Bunim Laskin has a net worth of $10million, and this is not surprising given his entrepreneurial successes. He was the oldest of 12 children and often needed to entertain his siblings. One day, he noticed a neighbor’s pool that was often empty. He asked if he could use it and offered to pay for the maintenance.

The idea for Swimply came to Laskin while brokering a deal with a neighbor. He was allowed to use the pool in exchange for paying 25 percent of the expenses. With that, he was able to start Swimply. He then used $20,000 from his bar-mitzvah to fund the startup and its website. The company has raised over $10 million and is currently operating in over 125 markets, two Canadian markets, and five Australian markets.

App has 125 active markets in the US alone

Swimply is a mobile app that allows people to rent out their backyard swimming pools. The app is gaining traction with consumers as backyard swimming pools are becoming more expensive and rare. The app has been called the “Airbnb of pools” and has garnered attention from Forbes and The Washington Post.

The app has over 250,000 users and lists over 10,000 pools. During the Zika pandemic, Swimply saw 4000% growth. Thousands of people flocked to Swimply as the demand for pool membership soared. The company has grown rapidly and is currently headquartered in Los Angeles.

Swimply is expanding to new markets and has raised $10 million in Series A financing from Norwest Venture Partners, Trust Ventures, and notable angel investors. The money will be used for additional market launches and product development. It will also fund increased insurance coverage for pool owners.

App is dynamic via web-based entertainment

The Swimply app is a dynamic via web-based entertainment platform. It enables users to rent out fun parts of their home to other people. The Swimply app was first pitched to investors in a Shark Tank episode in March 2020. However, all the Sharks declined to invest in the product. Asher Weinberger later said that the sharks rejected the offer because of the pandemic. The company had gained popularity during the pandemic because it provided a safe way for people to go outdoors and socialize without the fear of getting sick.

The Swimply app is now serving one million users in 103 cities across the United States. It also covers five markets in Australia and two in Canada. In the US, the startup has a strong presence on Twitter and Instagram, where it has gained 1447 followers.

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