Stranger Things Fanfic Protective Steve

Stranger Things Characters – Steve

Steve is one of the most beloved characters on Stranger Things, known for being smart, caring, and always acting with good intentions. Over the course of the show we’ve seen Steve fight hard for his friends and save multiple days before defeating Mind Flayer – but many fans may be unaware of another side to Steve: his protective side.

He’s always willing to lend a helping hand when others need it and isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty when necessary. While he may pull some pranks or be goofy at times, he never forgets who his true friends are – especially in combat! Very athletic with outstanding fighting skills. Quick thinking helped save his life while remodeling Byers backyard shed and athleticism saved them when trapped in elevator shaft.

Steve excels at protecting those he cares for, be it friends from Demodogs or protecting his babysitter-turned-favourite Robin Buckley-turned best friend Robin from monsters from other dimensions – no one does it better than Steve! Steve always stands by his friends no matter the situation they may find themselves in.

Steve first made an appearance in Season One when he assisted Nancy in questioning Will Byers and later joined in investigating Barbara Holland’s disappearance. Steve is an honest individual with good intentions who wants to make this world a better place; however, there are some issues that he needs to work through first.

As seen during season two, Steve displayed more of his protective instincts when trying to stop a group of Demobats from devouring Max and protecting ill friend Dustin from getting attacked by spiked bats while hiding out in a trailer park.

Robin relied on him when she chased after her romantic interest and even when demons attempted to kill them both. Additionally, Vecna played an integral part when the group theorized that Vecna was responsible for all of Hawkins’ recent murders.

After Seven escapes the lab and moves into Robin and her friends’ Buckley house, Steve believes he may finally have shed his past at the lab behind. But then creatures from another dimension begin attacking Hawkins, forcing Steve to defend those he loves while confronting his past and an irreconcilable life he can’t let die – the results being nothing short of spectacular – you can watch all eight seasons on Netflix!

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