Stormi Steele Net Worth 2022

Stormi Steele Net Worth 2022

Whether you are a fan of Stormi Steele or not, chances are you have at least heard of her. You may know her from her role in the TV show One Tree Hill, or you may know her for her appearance in the movie Big Momma’s House. However, how much do you know about her? Her net worth is estimated to be approximately $10 million. This is a pretty good amount, especially for a 20-something.

Career path

Currently, Steele is the aforementioned CEO of the Canvas Beauty brand, a multi-million dollar hair care empire. In addition to the usual suspects, Steele has a slew of products, services and ideas in the works. She’s also a bit of a philanthropist, with her namesake foundation funding a full spectrum of fertility treatments for hopeful moms and dads across the country.

The company is also the proud recipient of several industry accolades. In fact, it was a recent study that revealed the company to be the fastest growing Black owned and operated company in the United States. Steele is also the proud owner of the aforementioned Hair Growth Serum, which has helped hundreds of thousands of people regrow their locks. And while the company is headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, Steele has a growing global presence. For example, her newest HQ is in Dallas, Texas. While based in Alabama, Steele has also made it a point to support local charities in her hometown.

Business success

Despite being born and raised in Alabama, Stormi has taken her business acumen to the next level. Her hair care company, Canvas Beauty, has skyrocketed into the multi-million dollar category. She has partnered with her husband Courtney Beasley to make their dream a reality. In addition to her wares, Stormi has also become a social entrepreneur by dedicating her time to helping hopeful mothers conceive via IVF treatment. In the aforementioned hair care company’s inaugural fiscal year, they generated $20 million in sales, which is impressive on its own.

Aside from the Canvas Beauty brand, Stormi is also a natural hairstylist with a flair for the curly. She has created her own line of haircare products, namely Hair Follicle Booster and Full Bloom Amplifying Shampoo. She has also launched a number of other products, including Hair Blossom Serum and Hair Occult Moisturizer. Her company also offers a number of hair care products for men, which is a good thing.

Relationship with husband

Despite a decade of marriage, Stormi and her husband of 12 years, Courtney Beasley, still haven’t broken up. The couple has a lot of support in their relationship. They have a son together and have been expecting a baby boy. Their baby is due in September of 2021.

When Stormi and Courtney first met, they didn’t really know each other. They were dating just a few weeks before moving in together. Stormi said the relationship has been strong since they met.

Stormi’s husband is the business partner and her rock. He has been Stormi’s support since she started her company. He contributed manpower and gave her the confidence to succeed.

Stormi’s husband quit his job to help her develop her business. They launched the company called CANVAS BEAUTY. The company is a multi-million dollar company. Last year, the company sold nearly $20 million. They were featured on the show Hip Hop and Enterprise.

Family life

Founder of the Canvas Beauty Brand, Stormi Steele is a multi-million dollar hair care empire owner. After she started her own salon, Stormi was able to build an eCommerce business and self-developed hair care products. Now, she is on track to generate $20 million in revenue in 2020 and 2021. She believes that God planted the seed of business in her. She has been using paid and unpaid advertisements on social media sites and has created a number of viral videos.

Stormi’s dream was to become a full-time mom, but she was unable to carry that dream through. She was struggling to get pregnant and carry a child to full term for years. That is when she made the decision to transition behind the chair and launch her own hair care product line. The product line launched successfully and Stormi was able to build an eCommerce platform and earn revenue from the product line. She also started an IVF treatment fund that provides fully funded IVF treatments to hopeful moms across the country.

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