Stokke Car Seat

BeSafe’s Stokke Car Seat

Stokke car seats from BeSafe provide a safe and comfortable environment for your baby to sleep. The car seat is ergonomically designed and has a head pad that can be adjusted to fit baby’s head. It also features an integrated hood that provides ventilation and side impact protection.

The Stokke car seat is also ideal for long road trips. Its universal fit means that it can be fitted in almost all vehicles. You can use it with or without the assistance of a professional. The unique inertia reel harnessing system provides extraordinary safety. And because it is adjustable, it can be used by both the driver and passenger.

Stokke strollers are compatible with the car seat. It is also compatible with some Maxi-Cosi car seats. Both the Stokke Xplory and the BeSafe Scoot are compatible with a number of strollers. Its safety features make it suitable for children up to two years of age.

The Stokke Xplory infant car chair attaches to all Stokke strollers, without the need for adapters. It can also be used with Maxi Cosi, Graco and Chicco car seats. All Stokke car seats are safe and lightweight, and they are designed to work with the vehicle seat belt.

Stokke Xplory car seats can be used with any Stokke stroller and are compatible with the Nuna Pipa infant car seats. It is available in grey and black and costs $349. A Stokke Xplory adaptor is also compatible with other car seat models.

A Stokke Xplory stroller can accommodate infants up to 45 pounds. In Europe, however, the maximum weight is 33 lbs. The stroller has a seat height of 20.5 inches. In addition, the stroller has a backrest length of 20.5 inches, making it suitable for toddlers up to three years of age.

A Stokke Xplory infant car seat is lightweight, and offers an adjustable 5-point harness for a safe ride. The integrated SPF 50 sun shade protects your baby from the harmful UV rays. The mesh window protects your baby from sunburns. The True Lock system and color-coded indicator are two other features of this seat. A Stokke Xplory can fit into most car trunks.

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