Stella And Dot Ever

Stella and Dot Ever Review

Stella and dot ever is revolutionizing home-based entrepreneurship for modern women through their social shopping business platform. It provides its on-trend product line exclusively through an expanding network of trained independent consultants (Stylists) across North America, the United Kingdom and Germany.

Many Stella and Dot Independent Business Owners have built a lucrative career from the business, earning up to $20,000 monthly from commissions from the company. Stylists can benefit from incentives like free trips, prizes and products as well as earning a weekly paycheck via Stella and Dot debit card.

As an Ambassador, you have the option to sell either Stella & Dot jewelry and accessories or their entire range of other products. Additionally, you can combine products to create a complete look for your customers – providing everything they need in one place!

The company’s products come in a range of price points, so there’s something to suit most budgets. Prices start as low as $10 for some items while others reach up to $299.

In addition to jewellery, the company offers a wide range of other products like skincare, makeup, hair care and bath/body items. Their website is user friendly with plenty of information about their items as well as how to use them properly.

Stella and dot ever has an active Facebook page with posts that are both engaging and educational. They offer styling advice, showcase their products being worn and used by customers, as well as tutorials to help you wear their jewellery.

Many Stella and Dot Ever stylists maintain personal Facebook pages to stay in touch with their fans and inform them of upcoming sales. They often post videos showing off the jewellery in different styles for easy styling inspiration.

The company uses Instagram and TikTok to advertise their products. Although their videos are brief, they give potential customers a good idea of the jewelry’s look and how to wear it.

Stella and dot ever are unique in that they pay their stylists a commission on each item sold, unlike other direct-sales companies who pay stylists based on how much product is ordered rather than how much merchandise is ultimately sold. This makes stella and dot ever stand out from other direct sales companies by rewarding stylists for each sale made.

Based on your income goals, you may want to consider selling the products through trunk shows – similar to Tupperware parties. Trunk shows are an effective way to generate extra income and network with other Stylists.

Some trunk shows can be held at home, while others can take place elsewhere. No matter how you sell, the most important thing to remember is keeping track of your earnings. If you’re not reaching your targets, work to improve them.

As with most direct sales businesses, you will need to invest in supplies for your venture. You can purchase products at discounted or wholesale rates and then resell them at retail prices; this will save money on inventory costs as well as shipping expenses; however, make sure that enough product is purchased to cover hosting a trunk show.

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