Starbucks Cold Brew Gift Set

Starbucks Cold Brew Gift Set

A Starbucks Cold Brew gift set is a must-have for coffee aficionados. With a few clicks of the mouse, you can send a mug of refreshing coffee straight to their doorstep. Unlike the frothy stuff you buy in the drive through, this beverage is made with a specially formulated blend of beans, which make it smoother and more flavorful. Luckily, it’s easy to find in the aisles of your local supermarket. If you’re a fan of the stuff, you’ll love this bundle, which includes a coffee mug and a few flavored pods to get you started.

While the Starbucks cold brew gift set is a good place to start, you can also make the drink at home. Keurig users can pick up a 72-pack box of pods. Each pod contains a combination of herbs and maple, which creates a smooth, daily cup.

The best part is that you don’t have to wait until Christmas to treat your loved ones to this refreshing beverage. It can be ordered online or from a nearby retailer. Just be sure to have your recipient’s credit card handy for the payment. You can also purchase a Starbucks branded mug if you are feeling extra generous.

To make the drink a little more special, you can add a few drops of hot chocolate into your mug of caffeine. Not only does this make your mug a toastier, but it is also an eco-friendly choice. In fact, Starbucks has been recognized for its reusable and recyclable cups. Another bonus: the lids can be removed for easy clean up.

Having a drink with an electric milk frother is a must for many, especially when you’re in a hurry. A similar beverage can be made at home, using an OXO cold brew coffee maker. Fortunately, the makers of this gadget have thought of all the details, making it one of the most popular home coffee brewing machines on the market.

There are a few other tidbits to look for in a Starbucks gift set, from a cleverly crafted mug to a snazzy little iced tea maker. They’re also known for their delivery service. This is particularly handy when you’re traveling or when you don’t have time to hit up your favorite coffee joint. For a little extra help, you can always use the handy Starbucks App to find out which store is closest to you. From there, you can purchase a cup or a bundle, which you can then mail directly to the recipient.

Ultimately, you can only judge a drink by how well it fits your personal taste. So, if you’re looking for a gift for your coffee-loving friends and family, take a look at the Starbucks website for some ideas. Alternatively, you can go the extra mile by picking up a few gift cards to go with the mug. Lastly, you can pay for a gift with a credit card or PayPal. Using your favorite online payment method means you won’t have to worry about shipping fees and other hassles, so you can get your order to your loved ones as soon as possible.

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