Star Roof Car Installation

Add Flare to Your Car Interior With a Star Roof Car Installation

There are many ways to bring life to your car’s interior design. For example, you can add stars to the roof of your vehicle. You can have several star lights installed or just one. It all depends on your needs. These lights can be customized to show constellations or the coat-of-arms of the owner. These will add class to your interior. However, if you have limited space in your car, installing a star roof car installation may not be an option.

Another way to add star lights is to perforate the leather headliner. It is important to note that the number of holes must be precise and set at the right height on the exposed side of the car. You can choose from different levels of stars, and you can also choose from colored or white lights. You can even choose to have them wirelessly controlled for a customized effect.

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