St Camillus Urgent Care

St Camillus Urgent Care in Owensboro, KY

If you’re looking for a walk-in urgent care clinic in Owensboro, KY, you may want to check out St. Camillus Urgent Care. This clinic is located at 3600 Frederica St. #B and is available six days a week. Urgent care centers are different than traditional doctors’ offices because they’re open after office hours and typically provide a wider variety of services. Although they aren’t open 24 hours a days like a hospital emergency department, they’re great for treating injuries or illnesses that don’t require immediate attention but aren’t necessarily life-threatening.

The doctors at Saint Camillus Urgent Care And Family Practice Owensboro specialize in Emergency Medicine and Adolescent Medicine. A Nurse Practitioner is also available. There are three physicians at the practice. One location is available at the practice in Owensboro. The practice employs 3 doctors and a nurse practitioner.

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