Spanaway Urgent Care

Spanaway Urgent Care

If you have been in need of an urgent care in Spanaway, Washington, you are not alone. Thankfully, you do not need to travel far to find a high-quality medical facility. Spanaway MultiCare Urgent Care is a group practice that features one physician and one location. Whether you’re suffering from a minor ailment or you’re looking for preventative care, this medical practice can be of great help.

Walk-in clinics

Walk-in clinics in Spanaway provide a wide range of services to patients who are unable to wait for an appointment at their usual primary care clinic. Many of these facilities offer extended hours, weekend hours, and online scheduling. In addition to treating minor injuries and illnesses, these clinics can also provide preventive care.

The prices charged at these clinics depend on the clinic you choose. Typically, they range from $100 to $125, but prices for different types of procedures vary. Before you make a final decision, ask the clinic what their standard price is.

Preventative care

Preventative care is a key part of a person’s overall health. It involves regular checkups to ensure that there are no problems that require immediate medical attention. These services include well visits, annual physicals, and immunizations. The goal is to prevent illnesses and injuries before they start, which will help patients avoid expensive medical bills in the future.

Treatment of minor illnesses

Urgent care clinics are a great option for people who need immediate treatment for minor illnesses. They offer walk-in appointments, extended hours and even weekend hours. Patients can also schedule their visits online so they can avoid long waits. These clinics treat minor injuries and illnesses, but they also offer preventive care.

Minor illness treatment may include antibiotics for a range of ailments. The treatment for upper respiratory ailments includes treatment for strep throat and earaches. However, many minor illnesses can be treated without a prescription. It is important to get proper medical attention for any minor illness as symptoms will worsen if you wait to see a doctor.


There are a variety of different ways to pay for spanaway urgent care. You can go to a walk-in clinic or request an appointment online. Some clinics offer extended hours or weekend hours. Other options include a low interest payment plan or an income-based discount. However, the cost of urgent care services is not cheap.

Prices at urgent care clinics will depend on the severity of your condition. The average visit costs around $100 to $125 before any extra services are provided. This price is higher for complex conditions that require multiple diagnostic tests. The doctor may order X-rays, which can add up to another $300 to $400 out-of-pocket.

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