Sonic Red Bull Slush Nutrition

Sonic Red Bull Slush Nutrition

Sonic’s Red Bull Slush offers an ideal frozen alternative for those not ready to down a full can. Perfect as an afternoon pick-me-up or complement to vodka at pool parties, this frozen drink promises satisfaction!

Red Bull once dominated the energy drink market with their extreme sports events and youth culture marketing. Their sponsorship of stunts and competitions for obscure sports like street luge and waterfall kayaking cemented Red Bull as an iconic brand, becoming widely associated with its product and image. Even as soda consumption declines, Red Bull remains on top and recently launched a mini version called Red Bull Mini to appeal to youth consumers.

Sonic Red Bull Slush is an exciting icy take on its popular energy drink and will launch nationwide April 29. Available in mini, small, medium and large sizes and with anywhere between 120-540 calories depending on which size is selected, you can add syrups or sugar-free options to reduce calorie count while maintaining flavor! Customization may alter taste however.

Red Bull contains 180 Calories with zero Grams of Fat per small can. Most of its Calories come from carbohydrates and sugar, while its ingredients also include artificial sweeteners, citric acid and sodium benzoate – not forgetting taurine which helps move minerals such as potassium, calcium and magnesium between cells as well as generate nerve impulses!

An energy boost from Red Bull slushies is great way to jump-start your energy, but remember it should still be consumed in moderation and only as an occasional treat. For something healthier try Sonic’s Cherry Limeade or RT 44 Slush with reduced or sugar-free options for maximum nutritional control; add protein powder as an additional energy booster and help support muscle recovery and performance for added effects!

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