Soapy Joe’s Car Wash Chula Vista

Soapy Joe’s Car Wash in Chula Vista, CA

Soapy Joe’s Car Wash is one of the best car wash locations in Chula Vista. Jeff Zevely went there to check out the facilities. He found the car wash to be highly rated by locals, with 118 likes and 500+ visitors.


If you’re looking for a place to wash your car, you should check out Soapy Joe’s Automatic Car Wash in Chula Vista, CA. The wash is known for giving your car a spot-free shine. Plus, you’ll get a free towel and vacuum service.

The car wash’s new location opened in late June, which helped alleviate the traffic issues at the Chula Vista location. And as a result, complaints about traffic are down. Earlier this year, the city and Soapy Joe’s met and discussed ways to improve traffic flow. The two parties agreed to set up a traffic flow plan.

500 visitors

Soapy Joe’s Car Wash is opening a new location in Chula Vista, CA. The new location will be the 17th in San Diego County. A ribbon cutting ceremony will be held to celebrate the grand opening. The company’s COO will attend and provide refreshments. Customers will receive a free towel and vacuum service when they visit the Chula Vista location.

Residents in the area are worried about the traffic jams that Soapy Joe’s is causing. A recent traffic jam has been blamed on the car wash’s location on Bonita Road. Traffic was backed up to the 805 freeway exit, causing a backup. Traffic was also affected on Lynwood Drive, a two-lane road.

697 reviews

Soapy Joe’s Car Wash is located in Chula Vista, California. To get there, you can take the Bus or the Cable Car. Both options can help you get to Soapy Joe’s Car Wash quickly and easily. You can also get directions and find alternate routes using Moovit, the all-in-one transit app.

The Chula Vista Soapy Joe’s Car Wash has been responding to customer feedback and has made a number of changes to better accommodate the needs of its customers. Most importantly, it is no longer at risk of losing its permit to operate. The major complaints revolved around traffic backups that occurred after Soapy Joe’s closed its eastbound entrance on Bonita Road. As a result, drivers were forced to use an entrance around the corner on Lynwood Drive, a two-lane road, resulting in traffic congestion.

Hours of operation

Located on the busy road Bonita Road in Chula Vista, Soapy Joe’s car wash has become a source of traffic headaches for the surrounding neighborhoods. The wash has closed its eastbound entrance, forcing motorists to use the entrance around the corner on Lynwood Drive, a two-lane street. This has resulted in traffic backups on both sides of Bonita Road.

The company’s current operating hours aren’t consistent with the conditional-use permit that the city issued for the car wash. Management plans to request an adjustment to its hours of operation. This will help spread out customer visits across more time, which could lessen traffic congestion.

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