So Wa Wai Net Worth

So Wa Wai Net Worth

The net worth of So Wa Wai is estimated to grow by 2020 and 2021. As a retired athlete, So Wa Wai has multiple sources of income. In 2016, he announced his retirement from athletics. However, his net worth has grown in recent years. He is currently working as a motivational speaker and has various social media accounts.


So Wa Wai is a popular Chinese celebrity. He was born in British Hong Kong in 1981. He has a net worth of $3 million and has been a part of Hong Kong’s sports scene for many years. He is the owner of a luxury car and a few apartments in Hong Kong. He has also been the subject of a movie that has received a lot of criticism from professional athletes in Hong Kong. Some of the critics said that the film contained a lot of factual errors that made it hard to assess So Wa Wai’s net worth.

So Wai was born into a middle-class family in Hong Kong. He is often photographed with his mother and younger brother, who both work in private companies. Although he is incredibly successful in his career, he has also maintained his privacy in his personal life. He is not yet married and has not disclosed his relationship status with other people.

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So Wa Wai is a 32-year-old sprinter from Hong Kong who was born with cerebral palsy. Despite his disability, he has been able to compete in five consecutive Paralympic Games and earn 12 medals. Currently, he holds the world record for the Men’s 200m T36 sprint. However, there have been many hurdles along the way to achieve this amazing feat.

In 2005, he was forced to take up a full-time job to support his family. That meant he had to compromise between his career and his elite sport. Fortunately, his sponsor Andy Lau supported him with a full-time job and the flexibility to pursue his training.


Born with a disability, So Wa Wai faced many challenges throughout his life. During his formative years, he came to meet three important people in his life. These were his mother, her coach, and his mentor, Andy Lau, the Heavenly King of Hong Kong. So Wa Wai’s mother gave birth to her son in 1981.

The acclaimed Hong Kong biopic “Zero to Hero” portrays the life of So Wa-wai and highlights his relationship with his mother, his faith, and his journey to a gold medal at the Paralympics. It is now available on Netflix.


So Wa Wai’s mother trained him extensively, teaching him how to walk, stand and balance. Her mother was ecstatic when her son showed promise. Nevertheless, her son’s weak hearing had an impact on his performance. To compensate for this, her mother purchased him a hearing aid.

So Wa Wai’s story is a remarkable one. A child born with disabilities, he had to face many hardships in life. He met three people who helped him overcome the difficulties that his life has brought him. These people include his mother, the coach Pan Jian Lv, and his mentor Andy Lau, dubbed “the Heavenly King of Hong Kong.”

In 2005, So Wa Wai had to work full time to support his family, but he managed to fit in training and work. He was also supported by Andy Lau, who gave him a full-time job at his company, as well as the flexibility to continue his training.

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