Slim Jxmmi Baby Mama

Slim Jxmmi and His Baby Mama Kee Arrested on Battery Charges

Rapper Slim Jxmmi of the popular hip hop duo Rae Sremmurd has been arrested on battery charges following an altercation with his girlfriend. The 31-year-old rapper is brother to Swae Lee and shares a baby son with Kiara Kee, according to Pitchfork.

On Tuesday morning in Miami, the ‘Love & Hip Hop’ star was taken into custody after his girlfriend accused him of battering and trying to harm their child in an incident. According to TMZ, the victim told police that the rapper had been heavily intoxicated and reeking of alcohol when he attacked her.

He allegedly kicked down her door, chased her inside the house and threw her phone away so she couldn’t post pictures on social media. Additionally, he slapped her and attempted to harm their one-year-old child.

On Monday night, Slim Jxmmi and his girlfriend had an argument about her following him on social media. According to her, he became irate and left the house shortly thereafter; however, shortly afterwards he returned.

She claimed he punched and shoved her, knocking out a tooth in the process. She shared several photos showing her bruised and battered body with bloody marks on her lips as well as photos of her missing front tooth.

In her Instagram post, she also shared screenshots of text messages he sent her that appeared to admit assaulting her. He then threatened to take both her and their baby boy’s lives in a threat.

Kee also revealed a history of violence between her ex-boyfriend and herself, with the former alleging to have hit her once while pregnant with their son. They dated for some time but ended things when he hit her again.

Since the incident, Jxmmi has kept quiet. But his baby mama Kee shared an emotional Instagram story to address her fans. She expressed that she loves him deeply but she was worried he would do the same to her again.

It isn’t the first time she and her partner have had issues, as he was arrested in 2015 and charged with battery. According to reports, the ‘Love & Hip Hop’ rapper struck her and tore off her hair extensions.

However, she denied all accusations against him and criticised the police for failing to take her concerns seriously.

She then stated that she remained silent out of love for her boyfriend and hoped he would change in the future.

According to TMZ, Slim Jxmmi had an arrest warrant in Georgia but his lawyer, Steve Sadow, informs Pitchfork the warrant has been dismissed.

He’s a member of the hip-hop duo Rae Sremmurd with his brother Swae Lee and has an estimated net worth of $9 million.

His latest single “Community Dick” is available now on Eardrummer Records/Interscope Records and celebrates the joy of being together with friends and family – featuring Flo Milli providing a guest verse.

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