Skeletons At Dinner Table

Five Topics to Discuss at the Dinner Table During the Holidays

At the dinner table, families can come together and unwind together. No matter if you’re a busy mom or teacher with multiple responsibilities juggling school work and family obligations – finding time to spend together at mealtimes allows everyone involved to unwind and recharge for another busy day ahead.

At holiday time, it is crucial to take advantage of every moment for family bonding and quality time together. Conversations over dinner provide an excellent way for families to come together and discuss topics which aren’t always easy to address in daily life with young children present.

Introduce your children to the scientific world! Take this opportunity to discuss any projects your children have been working on during the school year or how everyday actions may benefit the planet.

1. Skeletons at the Table Introducing your children to food science through discussion is an engaging way of engaging them at dinner time. They’ll love learning about how bones function and the different meats that make up our daily meals.

2. Discussing Death and Its Aim

Discussing death is an excellent opportunity to teach your kids about its early stages, treatment in hospitals and funeral homes, medically-supervised burials and their significance. Furthermore, this conversation provides an excellent chance to explore various funeral traditions found across cultures in your country and how they differ between countries.

3. Discussing How the Dead Feel This can be an excellent way to spark conversation about end of life issues and how people grieve after they pass on, including how death impacts loved ones of the deceased.

4. Mummies at the Table

This activity could be an engaging way for your children to gain interest in the concept of mummies. Depending on their age, this topic could provide opportunities to discuss how these unusual beings form, their difference from regular human skeletons, and what types of jobs they could perform after death.

5. Discussing Science and How It Makes Us Smarter

This can be an excellent way to demonstrate how science affects everyday life for older kids, helping them see how what they learn in school applies directly in real-world circumstances – and possibly inspiring further investigation of particular fields!

6. Discussing Mnemonic Devices for Memorization

A great way to spice up dinner conversation can be by having each child select and talk about one of the mnemonic devices learned in school and discuss its usefulness for remembering facts about our world.

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