Skaggs Family Extreme Makeover Home Edition Update

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Update

The Extreme Makeover team travels to Slaughterville, Oklahoma to meet the Skaggs family and rebuild their home. Although Jhett survived a heart transplant at 10 months old, his home’s poor condition poses serious risks for his fragile immune system. In just seven days, Ty Pennington and his design team along with celebrity guest designer Jillian Harris from “The Bachelorette” will create a secure and healthy space for this young family.

The Skaggs family is one of those remarkable families that is affected by tragedy but determined to make things better. Their eldest daughter Hannah was born with an extremely weak immune system and required a heart transplant at 11 days old; to keep her condition from worsening, Hannah must take expensive medication and visit the doctor daily for monitoring her condition. Together with Team Grinnan, they plan to build a home suitable for everyone so everyone can live happily together in harmony.

Another special family in need of renovation is the McCrory family with triplets. They live in a tiny home that’s too small for them and their kids, but can EM:HE help make their dream house come true?

A military family with two children who lost their parents in Iraq will get a brand-new home built for them. Plus, one of the children will have a handicap accessible bathroom installed as an added surprise. Actress-dancer Debi Allen will be joining this special family as a surprise guest!

Throughout the season, EM:HE often reaches out to past families for assistance with needy ones. In Season 7, for instance, they helped a police officer and his wife who were both diagnosed with cancer as well as a family that traveled around the world delivering water purifiers and medical supplies.

On this season of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, the team will revisit some families they’ve helped in the past and reconnect with them to enlist their assistance for other needy households. Additionally, they plan on rebuilding homes affected by hurricanes or earthquakes.

A family who has lived in a trailer since their home was destroyed in a fire will receive an incredible makeover. Additionally, they’ll get a handicap access bathroom installed for their son who has special needs.

On June 18, 2013, the EM:HE team will travel to El Segundo, California and give police officer Bruce Lewis and his wife Paulita a makeover. Furthermore, they plan on rebuilding a house for an elderly woman who has been fighting cancer for years.

The Skaggs family is also getting a makeover for their youngest child, Jhett, who underwent a heart transplant at 10 months old. Although he has made remarkable progress over the past two years, the condition of their rotting, moldy and termite-ridden home puts him even more at risk for weakening his immunity even more. In just seven days the team will create an inviting home for everyone in the skaggs household that everyone can enjoy.

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