Sister Wives Lehi House

The Sister Wives Lehi House

Sister Wives fans got to witness the Brown family living together in Lehi, Utah during its initial sixteen seasons. This polygamist household was set up similarly to most polygamist households with each wife getting her own large living area and space to sleep in.

It was an unusual arrangement, allowing the wives to spend quality time with their children without interfering with one another. Unfortunately, Christine wasn’t particularly satisfied with it.

She didn’t enjoy being labeled “the basement wife” (a common stereotype associated with polygamist households), and this caused a major conflict for the couple. Ultimately, Kody decided to divorce her in 2021, moving to Las Vegas with his other wives and children.

Since then, the family has relocated again, this time outside of Flagstaff. Here each wife has her own home at the end of a cul-de-sac but it’s farther from Kody than their previous residence in Lehi did.

Due to this, tensions have continued to arise on the show. When they recently built a bed and breakfast, Robyn wondered how Meri would feel about it; she’d never been so involved in something like this before but worried it might take away from her family time. Ultimately, however, Meri seemed content with what they had achieved with their B&B venture.

The Bed & Breakfast in Murray, Utah features two units that are attached to one another on either side of the property.

On the inside of this duplex, there is a living room, kitchen and bedroom for each occupant. Outside in the backyard are an enclosed bathroom, porch and wood deck for additional enjoyment.

In addition, this home features a garage and basement. Furthermore, there is also an in-ground pool as well as a hot tub for added relaxation.

Unfortunately, I have some serious concerns about the new duplex. For one thing, the basement is too small to accommodate all of our children comfortably and it has a massive load-bearing wall behind it which doesn’t provide much shelter from outside elements. Additionally, this house doesn’t seem very secure either – something to think about when looking at buying property in the future.

One thing I don’t particularly enjoy about our house is all of its stairs. It makes it harder for kids to get upstairs from their bedrooms than if they could just climb up from outside through the front door.

What I don’t enjoy about the house is all of the trash. It can get quite messy, but that’s understandable given how many children live there.

Though not the most visually stunning or perfect home, this home offers plenty of value for the price tag. Families looking for something a bit cheaper than what the Browns plan on purchasing in Flagstaff should consider this alternative option.

Although the Browns’ relocation to Nevada may have given them some peace of mind from the Utah police department, that doesn’t mean they are immune from prosecution. In fact, police are still actively investigating them for possible bigamy charges.

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