Sister Wives Janelle Leaves Kody

Will Janelle Leave Kody Brown on Sister Wives?

There’s been a lot of speculation over whether or not Janelle Brown will leave her husband, Kody Brown, on Sister Wives. After all, the show is about a family that is very polygamist, and tensions between the wives are very high. This is especially true for Kody’s second wife, Janelle.

Before marrying Kody, Janelle was married to Adam Barber for two years. After their marriage, she divorced him, but decided to stay with her ex-husband. In the beginning of the show, she was always the voice of reason. However, in recent episodes, she started to lose her temper with her ex-husband.

On the latest episode of Sister Wives, Janelle discussed her feelings about the way she and Kody’s marriage has changed. She said she wants to be close to her children and her parents. Moreover, she’s concerned that Kody doesn’t spend enough time with her. According to Janelle, she has become more financially independent.

In December, Janelle and Kody officially separated. The show’s teaser trailer revealed that they had been “separated for several months.” And the tension between the former couple has been building.

Throughout the show’s first season, fans wondered whether or not Janelle would be the next to leave. It was also suspected that Christine would leave. However, that speculation was denied. Now, the show is focused on Robyn, Kody’s fourth wife.

But if the sister wives were to get back together, it wouldn’t mean that all of the members of the Brown family were reunited. Instead, it would mean that there were only three women left. Although Kody has only one legal wife, he was legally married to his two spiritual wives. That’s why he’s still technically in a plural marriage with both Meri and Robyn.

As a matter of fact, a third sister wife, Robyn, joined the family after a long separation. During the show’s first season, Kody and Meri both had to deal with their own problems. They both suffered from depression and anxiety. For this reason, they were not living in the same apartment. Therefore, the two were unable to spend much time in the same place.

When the pandemic hit the COVID-19 house, the rift between the families was exacerbated. As a result, Kody spent more and more time at Robyn’s house. Also, he is afraid to let Janelle visit his kids on a road trip.

After Christine Brown left Kody in November 2021, fans speculated that Janelle may be the next to go. However, that speculation was quickly denied. In the upcoming episodes of the show, Janelle and Kody continue to have a difficult relationship. Both women have questioned whether their marriage actually works.

In a recent interview with Us, Janelle explained that her relationship with Kody is strained. She told us that they were “separated for several months.” Additionally, she confirmed that she had become “financially independent” and that she was launching a retail business. She has also been able to rent out a small apartment in town for the winter months.

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