Simon Van Kempen Net Worth

Simon Van Kempen Net Worth

Despite the fact that Simon van Kempen is not a household name, he is actually a successful businessman. As an entrepreneur, he has built a company called van Kempen & Associates which helps in the legal process of buying and selling real estate. He also owns a home furnishing company known as Aluxe Home.

He has worked in various industries over the years. From a hotelier to a financial consultant, Simon has gained a lot of experience. In fact, he has worked in hotels in Australia, the USA, and France. His current work focuses on helping hotels with their social media marketing efforts.

When he was young, he was interested in becoming a lawyer. Eventually, he decided to go to college and study law. After that, he worked in finance at several different hotels. However, in the early 1990s, he switched his career path. Rather than working in a corporate office, he chose to pursue a career in the hotel industry.

In 1999, he decided to go to NYC on a business trip. It was there that he met Alex McCord. They fell in love and married eight years later. Since then, they have two sons. One son was born in October 2003 and the other one was born in November 2005.

Simon van Kempen’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million. Although he is known for being the husband of Alex McCord, he is a businessman who has earned his wealth from other sources.

Simon van Kempen is a successful hotelier and entrepreneur. The businessman has worked in the hospitality field for many years. During his time in New York, he worked at various hotels in the city. Eventually, he returned to Australia, where he lives with his wife. Now, he is based in the Northern Rivers area of Australia.

Simon and Alex are very happy together and they have two children. Their son Johan was born in November 2005. Meanwhile, their daughter Ella was born in January 2007.

Simon and Alex are still married. Despite his busy career, he manages to find time for his family. Not only is he involved with his family, but he is also very active on social media. For example, he is on Instagram and Facebook.

Simon is married to Alex McCord, who is a celebrity TV personality. They have both been featured in the television show The Real Housewives of New York. Together, they have created a successful empire. This has helped them to earn a combined total of $50 million. Currently, the couple is living in the country of Australia, and they have recently moved to Tintenbar, which is a small town near Byron Bay.

Simon and Alex have a net worth of at least $1,500 per day. While he has not revealed how much money he makes, he has speculated that it is from investments in tech startups. Additionally, he has been a star on VH1’s reality show Couples Therapy.

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