Simon Foster Wife Swap

Simon Foster’s Death on Wife Swap

Reality television can put families under a microscope for all the wrong reasons, with some participants even ending up behind bars or dead. One such family is Simon Foster’s who featured on Wife Swap but was later found dead from an overdose of methadone, alcohol and prescription drugs on April 15. A coroner concluded his death wasn’t related to Wife Swap but rather depression at the time of his passing.

Though producers filmed every scene that occurred during the show, not everything makes it into the final episode. According to former contestants, episodes are heavily edited, leaving out key scenes such as those featuring some families on the show who appear unhappy with how they are represented; sometimes producers even trick these families into believing they will receive an end cut that depicts them more favorably than is actually the case.

Reddit AMA reports have highlighted how family members on the show have also been accused of lying, often being dictated what to say by producers, often against their moral values. This was especially evident among couples like Anna and Jason, who allegedly were made to sleep separately while filming as well as share one towel between them; another couple, Coolio and Mimi were apparently not even actually romantic partners before appearing on the show!

Ms Guastaferro was so upset by how she was depicted on the show that she filed a $100 million lawsuit against its producers, alleging they portrayed her as a spoiled brat and bullied after appearing. According to TMZ, Ms Guastaferro also suffered from posttraumatic stress disorder after filming and had to discontinue working.

As to the reasons for Mr Foster’s suicide are unknown, but it appears he had been suffering from depression after recently divorcing and experiencing divorce proceedings. While living in a sheltered accommodation block he was discovered collapsed and drinking heavily when found by a friend who called 999 after discovering him there.

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